Optare Versa   


With the expansion of the Signature bus network that Rotala operate around Solihull for Centro there was a need in 2011 for some larger vehicles to operate the service 30 between Acocks Green and Solihull and so  two Optare Versa vehicles YJ61CHH and YJ61CHK joined the fleet. Also during 2011 Rotala made a bid for the purchase of hybrid single deck vehicles using Government Green Bus Funding for use on the Bath Park and Ride service which they were as the time operating. Unfortunately during retendering of the service they lost the contract but were successful in obtaining the the Government funding. Following some negotiation with the Government it agreed the vehicles could still be purchased and 8 Optare Versa hybrid vehicles joined the West Midlands fleet. Ironically the buses were originally destined for Redditch for use of the 57 and 58 routes but agreement could not be reached with Worcestershire Council to part fund the buses. As a result the buses were put onto the 56 route from Birmingham City Centre and Brownhills. However, the buses proved too small for the route and were moved onto the Route 16 from Birmingham City Centre and Hamstead. Following retendering of the Signature network in Solihull by Centro in the Summer 2013 it was agreed to deploy a number of the vehicles on that network in return for a 5 year contract from Centro. Two of the buses are also used on the X30 service in Coventry

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Body work Seating Capacity Allocation Vehicle Livery
YJ61JJK 30125 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320426 Optare B37F Tiverdale???
YJ12GUE30128 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320435 Optare B37F RedditchBlack Diamond
YJ12GTY 30129 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320430 Optare B37F Redditch Signature
YJ12GTZ30130 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320431 Optare B37F RedditchDiamond promotion livery
YJ12GUC30132 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320433 Optare B37F RedditchBlack Diamond
YJ12GUD 30133 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320434 Optare B37F Redditch Signature
YJ12GUF30134 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320436 Optare B37F RedditchBlack Diamond
YJ12GUG 30135 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320437 Optare B37F Redditch Signature
YJ12GUH30136 Optare Versa V1100H SABWWYSCHCS320438 Optare B37F RedditchBlack Diamond
YJ61CHH 30404 Optare Versa SABWW3AC0BL320422Optare B37F Redditch Signature
YJ61CHK30405 Optare Versa SABWW3AC0BL320423Optare B37F RedditchSignature